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This plugin allows you to run script anywhere.

Setup the parameter list however desired.

Basically this allows to alias or overwrite any existing function just set it up with the parameters.

Pre Script will run at the beginning of the function before the original functions code.

Post Script will run at the end of the function after the original functions code.

Debug option to print the entire function to console so you can see what parameters it takes as well as what the function itself normally does.

Overwrite option will ignore the primary function.

Since this code works as code that already includes a "return" statment
Instead set the variable "r" to anything that will be returned.


when normally you would do return true;
instead put r = true;

If you wish to perform your own alias of the function set overwrite to true
Then you can use the following to call the original function:

If the class has a property to be used like "prototype" then use this:
$_$[v.Class+'.'+v['Property']+'.'+v.Function].apply(this, arguments);

Else if it doesn't use "protoype" or any other property use this:
$_$[v.Class+'.'+v.Function].apply(this, arguments)


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CTB_CustomScriptAnywhere.js 6 kB
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