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Plugin for RPGMakerMV that allows custom maps to be loaded.

****************** How to Use ***********************

Map Notetags:

      Example #1:
         <MapPath: 'custom data'/>
         <MapFile: 'WorldMap'/>
         <MapId: 1/>
         The above would load the following map file: './custom data/WorldMap001.json'
      Example #2:
         <MapId: $gameVariables ? ($gameVariables.value(1) > 0)  ?$gameVariables.value(1) : 4 : 4/>
         The above uses GameVariable #1. This would load the following map file:
         If the gamevariable is not set or less then 1: './data/Map004.json'
         If the gamevariable is set is will use GameVariable #1: './data/Map***.json'
            ("***" is the value of GameVariable #1)
            Example GameVariable #1 is set to 92: './data/Map092.json'


In this version the following is how to load a map on the fly using custom paths:


Map Notetags:

<MapPath: $mapDataInfoEx.path || 'data'/>
<MapFile: $mapDataInfoEx.file || 'Map'/>
<MapId: $mapDataInfoEx.id || 1/>

Then simply changing the variable "$mapDataInfoEx.path" will change the directory path :)

After call the load map plugin command.

Plugin Command:

load map id x y direction fade

Example(s) (without the quotes though):

"load map" this will simple reload the map

"load map 0 gamePlayer.x+5 0 0 1" this will reload the current map but place the player 5 over to the right and fade out white

"load map 6 0 0 0 0" this will load the map 6 (editor 6 not custom 6) and fade out black

Which is also a script call if needed.

Script Call Example:

$gamePlayer.loadMapEx(1, 35, 29, 8, 1);<span></span>

Event Setup:


More can be viewed in the demo.

Donations are welcome, but not necessary. :)

Hope that helps... I know this is a bit confusing still... I'm gonna get it much more user friendly hopefully soon. :)

See demo for more information.

Updated 23 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date Feb 08, 2020
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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsdata, datamap, load, map, rmmv, RPG Maker, rpgmakermv, Tilemap
Code licenseApache License 2.0


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Quick question - does this allow maps to be loaded that are larger than 256^2? In my interpretation of the plugin, it does, since as far as I know that's only an arbitrary editor limitation and not hard-coded into the core engine files.