A downloadable RPG Maker MZ Plugin

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Script Calls:

CTB.PlayAnimationOnEvents(<Array> EventIDs, animationId, [mirror], [abovePictures])
 CTB.playAnimationXY(x, y, animationId, [mirror], [abovePictures])


 CTB.PlayAnimationOnEvents([1, 2, 3], 12)

 CTB.PlayAnimationOnEvents(4, 20)

CTB.PlayAnimationOnEvents(4, 20, false, true)

 CTB.playAnimationXY(6.35, 12.264, 18)

 CTB.playAnimationXY(12, 16, 18, true)

 CTB.playAnimationXY(12, 16, 18, true, true)


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CTB_AnimationMZ.js 5 kB


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I used this code: CTB.PlayAnimationXY($gameVariables.value(1), $gameVariables.value(2), 18, false, true)

But i just heard the sound of animation.

Hi, very impressive plugins you have here. Do you take commotion for mv plugins? If yes, what the best way to contact you (Email, Twitter, rpg maker forum)?

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Thank you for the nice compliment.
Yes I  sure do. Hopefully I can help. :)
Please message me either on the RPGMaker Forum or Discord: CT_Bolt#7222